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For more than 30 years, Dr. John G. Locke has helped Global 1000 industry giants, numerous innovative Silicon Valley startups, local business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and conscious professionals, declare their vision, clarify their mission and successfully bring their dreams to market.  The Visionary Founder of The Mystic Media Group, John is also the author of the forthcoming book: “Impact Entrepreneurship™ – Leveraging Passion, Purpose and Profit For Sustainable Impact” from Mystic Media/Mission Publishing.

Third Space Consultant-Professor-Entrepreneur

A modern renaissance and acknowledged “Third Space” Thinker, John has spent his career as a Consulting Digital Media Scientist, Creative Media Artist, Master Educator and Impact Entrepreneur.

Born to a high-school science teacher and successful entrepreneur, he is a true “Prodigal Son”…

Barely passing the 3rd grade, John turned around his attitude towards learning and earned a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree from the University of Southern California, where he completed major studies in Media Arts (music, film, television) and dual minors in Business and Spanish.  John later completed separate graduate degrees in Communications Management, Education, and ultimately, an Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Hawaii; where he conducted pioneering research and development in the field of Creative Digital Media Arts and Remote Collaboration Technologies in association with the MIT Media Lab.

As a Consulting Digital Media Scientist in the areas of entertainment technology research and product design, John has leveraged his unique background to design, develop, publish and bring to market dozens of innovative high-tech products, services and digital media solutions for Global 1000 companies, including IBM Ultimedia, Universal, AVID Technologies, ATT, Alcatel, TelMex, HP, EDS, NTT and others.    In the late 1990’s he led a brain trust for Walt Disney Imageering, helping design, develop and deploy the world’s first all fiber optic digital entertainment infrastructure for the $4 billion dollar Tokyo Disney Seas Theme Park.

As a Creative Media Artist John has earned dozens of credits in film, television, music and digital media production including EDDY and EMMY Award nominations for the feature documentary film, “The Pixar Story” on which he is credited as Post Production/Visual Effects Supervisor.  He is an active member of the Visual Effects society and for the past 4 years has served on the judging committee for the Society’s annual VES Awards in Hollywood.

As a Consulting Professor and master educator, John has designed and established academic programs in Digital Media Arts and Technology for Michigan State University and International Technological University in Silicon Valley.  He has helped shape the next generation of thought leaders teaching and lecturing at the University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University, University of Hawaii, Stockholm University and while commissioned as a trilingual K-12 educator in the US and Japan (English, Spanish, Japanese), where he helped non-native English speaking elementary students establish themselves as true global citizens.

Hollywood Creative + Silicon Valley Innovator

As a serial entrepreneur, John has been deeply influenced by his entrepreneurial experiences in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley.  During his early career in Hollywood, he worked for Visionary Producer Director and Animator, Bob Abel (Black Hole, Tron) at Synapse Technologies, an Edutainment joint venture with IMB Ultimedia.  He was also part of the founding team of a joint venture record label between Capital and Rhino Records that was ultimately acquired by the music industry giant EMI, and has worked with Grammy Award winning artists Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru and others.

Since 2000, his Silicon Valley experience has included engagements with numerous seed, early growth, and middle market ventures in the entertainment technology sector including: iVAST – a $45M VC funded platform developer of end-to-end MPEG-4 Interactive and Digital Cinema solutions, an innovative $100M+ product design and manufacturing firm, Laszlo Systems – a Web 2.0 platform developer, and others.

He is the founder of several product, service and technology companies, bootstrapping his first pioneering mobile DJ enterprise in 1982 and exiting his fourth company, a software startup in 1999.  Companies he has founded include Netactivity (software), Mystic Effects (entertainment technology R&D/creative services), FeedFactory (digital publishing solutions), Persigma.com (social selling platform) and the Digital 360 Agency (strategic brand management consulting).  Today these firms operate as subsidiaries of The Mystic Media Group – a digital transmedia producer and publisher of inspirational and personal transformational programs, products, brands and online properties.

Visionary Impact Entrepreneur

John has committed the next stage of his life to creating businesses as a “path of awakening” and the global promotion of Impact Entrepreneurship™ as a way to accelerate the success of the next generation of conscious, mission-driven, high-impact enterprises and the visionaries behind them.   To support this vision of “Living his Legacy”, in 2014 The Mystic Media Group launched GAIA – The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness and its supporting programs including:

Together these programs are designed to support the 1 in 12 startups globally that C.A.R.E.S. about making a profit and making a difference.  That is, accelerating the success of for profit enterprises that are mission-driven, intentionally willing to commit to making a difference, Adopt a cause, Reorganize their operations for minimal or maximum impact or otherwise Engage their markets in the conscious development of innovative products, services or solutions, and leverage Sustainable business development practices to advance profits, people and the planet.

Dr. Locke’s gift, passion and purpose is bringing to market innovative companies that have the potential to change the world we live in.

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