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Strategic Management Consulting and Executive Leadership Mentoring Programs with Dr. John

As a spiritual entrepreneur or Conscious C-Level Executive, it helps to have an inspired, yet impartial, advisor and mentor on your side – another C-level executive who is detached from your organization’s’ daily operations, and able to advise and support you as you pursue your own transformation and inspired vision of success.  Each year, I work exclusively with a handful of enlightened C-Level Executives or Entrepreneurs seeking to innovate in their business, make a bigger impact and align their businesses with their highest passion and purpose.

If you have already met me, you know working with me requires a big-hearted commitment on both our parts. Each Consulting or Mentoring engagement begins along a similar path, with an enlightening phone conversation, flowing into a day-long VIP consultation, and then together we custom design the perfect container of support to get you to where you want to go – whether through a series of half-day consultations, a weekend VIP immersive, or a six month to full year of consulting and mentoring supporting your vision of success.  Should we choose to work together for six months or more, you will be challenged to commit to a standing weekly appointments, with me. You will also be invited to show up and be seen, at intimate gatherings and mastermind retreats.


John G. Locke, PhD is a successful spiritual entrepreneur, impact investor, conscious business strategist, transformational mentor and consultant.  He is a 5th generation entrepreneur, and as CEO of The Mystic Media Group, the first to re-align his business ventures with a higher calling.   Since 1986,  Dr. John has founded, co-founded, launched and accelerated the growth of several successful multimillion-dollar entertainment and high-tech ventures as large as $500+ million in annual revenues.

He now travels the world leveraging the wisdom and lessons learned along his own journey to mentor social entrepreneurs and changemakers, helping them align their businesses with a higher calling, make a positive, sustainable impact in the lives of others – and simultaneously – find more passion, purpose, prosperity, meaning, balance, freedom, love, happiness and success in their own lives!

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Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

Heart Based Success™ Executive Mentoring Programs

An Executive Discovery and Clarity Consultation ($500)

A one-hour Executive Consultation — via video-chat, or a phone.

Together, we’ll dive deep into what you really, really want for your business or life — and uncover the most significant obstacle that’s keeping you from aligning with it. Passion –> Purpose –> Profit!

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A 1/2 Executive VIP Day - Visualizing Your Heart-Based Success (Starting at $2,000)

A half-day Executive Consultation and Retreat, at a luxury resort location.

Step away form your daily life and start to focus on what really matters to you with a transformative half-day retreat.

With my support, you’ll collect your thoughts, clarify your desires and access your inner ‘spiritual strategist’ — that infinitely wise part of your soul that already knows precisely how to aligning your life, passions, purpose and business can take you to the next level.

A Full Executive VIP Day – Alignment Strategies for Your Heart-Based Success (Starting at $5,000)

A full-day Executive Consultation and Retreat, at a luxury resort location. You can travel to me in Northern California, I can come to you, or we can meet at a destination you’ve been longing to visit.

We’ll follow the same flow as the half-day mentoring immersion — but dive a bit deeper, fold a couple of leisurely meals and a stress busting massage into the mix.

Many of my Executive clients choose to invest in a package of full-day immersions — pre-booking one every quarter as a personal re-calibration between life, business and your higher-self

If that calls to you, let me know — appreciative discounts are available.

A Weekend Of Executive Mentoring For Your Heart-Based Success (Starting at $10,000)

A two-day Executive Consultation and Mentoring Retreat, at a luxury resort location.

Taking just a few deep breaths can instantly alter your physiology — lowering your stress hormone levels, and enhancing creativity and flow.

Imagine carrying that feeling of expansion and possibility through an entire weekend.

Then, imagine carrying that feeling back into your life, back at home.

The weekend immersion follows the same itinerary as the full-day immersion — just double the length, and double the inspiration.

And just as with the full-day immersion, pre-booking discounts are available.

A Journey To Your Heart-Based Success (Starting at $25,000)

Six months of one-to-one Executive Mentoring to align your passion, purpose, business and spirit. 6 months of executive consulting to implement it.

When you commit to six months of mentoring with me, you’ll be challenged to take decisive action towards making your personal vision of ‘more’ a reality.

This is high-touch, high-impact, highly-customized work. Staff

You will be challenged to commit to a standing weekly appointment. You will be invited to show up and be seen, at intimate salons and retreats.

Most importantly of all – You will be given a chance — perhaps for the first time in your entire life — to let someone know you. All of you. Every secret. Every wish. Every fear. Every piece.

As you allow yourself to be known, you will transform.

A Year of Heart-Based Success (Starting at $50,000)

A full year of one-to-one Executive Mentoring to align your life, business, career + spirit.

Breakthroughs can happen over the course of a single conversation. But translating your big epiphany into day-to-day reality can take time — and support.

With a full year of mentoring, you’ll be challenged to redefine what ‘more’ means for you— answering tough (but necessary) questions about your true priorities, needs, wants + ambitions.

And as you move through this invaluable work, your life will take on a quality of luxury + richness that has nothing to do with material wealth. (But can co-exist, beside it.)

You will discover the true definition of satisfaction. You will find — and live — your more.

Working with me begins with a simple request. Just email and I’ll follow up with a personal phone call — and see you on the other side.