Our Vision


The Mystic Media Group stands for Blue – for intentionally creating, branding, launching and bringing to market innovative companies, products and services that have the potential to positively impact the world we live in.  We support for-profit ventures that incorporate the values of capitalism, profitability, quality, innovation, fun and human capital investment with a sense of innovation and challenge – while actively contributing, adopting, reorganizing operations or engaging in a cause.

Every once in a while, a company comes along that is clearly a next step.  Their service or idea seems to collectively answer some culturally relevant issue or concern.  The Mystic Media Group is a private holding company, blue-business incubator and international investment group. We create, develop and bring to market businesses, products, and services that have the potential to positively impact the world we live in. The companies we sponsor, invest in and bring-to-market represent our attempt to redefine and promote a new definition of success in business, and create a sustainable lifestyle combining environmental awareness with human awareness.

Much in the way that the Green movement has successfully brought incredible awareness and advancement to business practices that are non-sustainable and negatively impact our environment, we believe there is an even greater need for BLUE – for greater human awareness and consciousness in business, and supporting businesses that improve the quality of life on our planet, and in our communities.

At our core we believe business must be a force for good and align its influence and resources to make a positive impact and raises the vibration of the world we live in.  We specialize in brand-marketing, bringing to market, building visibility, establishing credibility and increasing profitability for partner companies and clients who share a similar vision.

Several factors help to ensure its on-going success of a Mystic Media Group partner or company:

  • The global branding and marketing power of The Digital 360 Agency
  • Connections to a growing network of friends, innovators contacts and partners in Silicon Valley and beyond
  • The empowerment of leadership
  • A Sacred Commerce Management style
  • Reinvestment of revenues and a percentage of profits from companies we invest our time, energies or resources fund other Group Programs, fueling growth and expansion for the greater good

Mystic Media Group companies collaborate as part of one big family rather than a hierarchy. They are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies actively help one another, and solutions and resources are often sourced from within the Group. In a sense they form a new kind of blue business community, with shared ideas, values, interest and goals.