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Biography: Dr. John G. Locke | The Impact Entrepreneur

John G. Locke, PhD (jlocke[@] is the Founder/CEO and Chief Innovation Officer for The Mystic Media Group, a leading industry Advisor and Consulting Professor of Digital Media, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Based in Silicon Valley California, he is also the founder of GAIA – The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness, the world’s first global, online business accelerator and “Impact Engine” for Impact Entrepreneurs and Mission-Driven startups.


Dr. Locke is a recognized Third Space Thinker and leader of innovative research and development initiatives.  His innovations and applied research span the fields of Impact Entrepreneurship™, virtual entertainment production, strategic brand management, Digital Transmedia product design and publishing, web marketing, multimedia content development and distribution and digital advertising.

Current interests incorporate such divergent fields as:

  • Alternate Cinematic Realities” – Advancing cinematic narrative in the age of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) realities
  • Evolution of The Sabido Method for Entertainment With Proven Social Benefit in the digital age, and
  • The Impact Entrepreneurship Strategy™ for Sustainable Development: impact investing and entrepreneurial strategies for poverty alleviation, health, peace and advancement of human rights

As a Consulting Digital Media Scientist, his specialty is entertainment technology R&D, remote teleproduction, creative collaboration technologies and virtual production techniques advancing the film, animation and visual effects industry.

As a consulting Professor of Digital Media, Innovation and Entrepreneurship he has designed innovative leading edge curricula and established state-of-the-art BA, MA, MBA degree programs in Digital Media Arts & Technology for Michigan State University and International Technological University, San Jose.

Publications and Achievements

Locke is author of the forthcoming book: “The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship™: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Change Your World” offering original thought leadership and strategies for aligning personal passion, purpose and profits to create sustainable impact and greater meaning in life (2015); “Creative Fission: Towards a Communications Based Paradigm for the Augmentation of Human Intellect” (1998); and co-author of Telecommunications: A Bridge to the 21st Century” (1995).  He has published more than 30 other refereed academic publications, journal articles, academic papers, technical trade publications and industry white papers in outlets such as IEEE Computer Society Press, Association for Computing and Machinery Press – SIGGRAPH, Pacific Telecommunications Review and Elsevier Scientific Press.  He is a published photojournalist for numerous industry trade magazines including, Mix Magazine, Pro Sound News, Live Sound and Touring Technologies.

Dr. Locke has held C-Level Innovation Management, executive marketing and technical product design positions across multiple sub-sectors of the Information, Communication, Media and Entertainment Industries including IP television, video-on-demand, web, mobile, online marketing, social media, digital content creation, publishing and advertising sectors.  He has lead pioneering R&D in entertainment technology and digital media systems, hardware-software platforms, information architecture and Collaborative Information and Communication Technologies (CICT), designing and bringing to market more than 100 state-of-the-art products, technologies and services for Disney Imagineering, Telmex, AVID, Intel, NTT and Silicon Valley startups.  In 2014 was also appointed a Global Mentor for the Branson Centers for Entrepreneurship.

Locke is also recognized for his creative work with Disney-Pixar and Sony in feature film, 3D animation, music video, visual effects, and on more than 20 Hollywood broadcast, television and music productions.


Locke has been nominated for the Top Paper Award from the Pacific Research Institute for Information Systems Management for his original research in the field of Telecollaborative Creativity: Networked Multimedia Environments for Creative Collaboration.  He is credited in the Emmy and Eddie Award Nominated feature documentary film “The Pixar Story” (2006) as Post Production-Visual Effects Supervisor for Disney-Pixar.  The Visual Effects Society in Hollywood has honored him with voting membership and he has been a nominating judge for the Annual Visual Effects Society Awards four times. In 2015 Executive Recruiters for Google’s Advanced Technologies and Programs Group (ATAP) identified him as a “Purple Squirrel”One of the few visionaries, innovation leaders and disruptors in the content, technology and media industries – big and creative thinkers who can develop the next wave of innovation, consumer experiences and portals from the ground up…”

Academic Appointments

Locke’s recent academic honors and university appointments include: Consulting Graduate Professor, International Technological University, Silicon Valley, CA (2013); Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Stockholm – Gotland, Sweden (2007); Distinguished Lecturer, National Institute for Standards and Technology (advanced MPEG-4 systems), Washington D.C. (2003); Provost-Appointed Assistant Professor/Online Producer, Michigan State Virtual University (1999-2000); Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track), Michigan State University (1999-2000); Distinguished Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University (1998); Principal Instructor, University of Hawaii at Manoa (1993-1998); and Graduate Lecturer, Annenberg School for Communications, University of Southern California (1990).

Impact Entrepreneurship™

Locke is Founder/CEO of the Mystic Media Group (2003-Present) a Silicon Valley based digital creator, producer and publisher of high-impact, inspirational and personal transformation content and personal development programs.  He is the creator of “The Impact Entrepreneurship™ Strategy for Sustainable Development,” and leads the ongoing development of GAIA – The Global Accelerator for Impact and Awareness™, The Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network™,™,™,™ and™.

Consulting and service provider subsidiaries include: Blue Lotus Ventures, Digital 360 Agency,, Entertech Digital, Silver Lining Productions, and Mystic Effects.  Prior Internet software development ventures included Feed Factory Pro (2007), NetActivity a joint venture he co-founded Boston/Honolulu, (1995), and ICT Long Beach, CA (1991) a multi-cultural media and communications consultancy.

Locke’s industry consulting, entertainment production and professional engagements have combined the best of both Hollywood creative and Silicon Valley technical innovation for clients around the world including:

  • Big 10 Film Studios – Pixar, Disney, Paramount, Sony, Universal – Film pre and post production/VFX
  • Big 5 Music Studios –Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, EMI, Capital/Rhino Records, Mesa-Blue Moon Recordings, A&M – Production, Publishing, Marketing.  Recording Engineering and Master Recording Quality Assurance for Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings, Enja Records, Global Pacific Records, Globe International Records, Live Sound Reinforcement for Nicole Henry, Neil Diamond, Bonnie Raitt, Sting, Steel Pulse, Luther Vandross, Barry Manilow, Manhattan Transfer, Yellow Jackets, Joe Sample, The Crusaders
  • Broadcasting and Cable Networks – MTV, Comcast, Univision, KMEX, PBS-WKAR –  Live Production
  • Multi-National Media and Entertainment Firms – Fujisankei Communications (Japan), Pony Records (Japan), Telmex /Alcatel (Mexico/France) – Intercultural communications and product design
  • Global Entertainment Technology Innovators – Walt Disney Imagineering, RA&A/Synapse Technologies/IBM Ultimedia, MIT Media Lab, AVID Technologies, Photomatix/Eyetronics, TVIA, Laszlo Systems, iVAST, Comcast, Intel, Phillips, Streaming21 Inc., HP, EDS, University of Hawaii Media Lab – Product Design, R&D, Product Management, Product Marketing
  • Independent Entertainment Production Companies – Leslie Iwerks Productions, Bay Point Productions, PXC, EVEO, San Francisco Academy of Sciences – Digital Post Production. VFX and Pre-Vis
  • Media and Communications Investment Firms – Gerson Lehrman Group, Ascent Media, Chilton Investment Company, Trust Company of the West (TCW), Glenhill Capital LP (GJK Capital Advisors) Insight Venture Partners, Empire Capital Partners – Industry Advisor and Consultant

Global Citizen

In addition to terminal creative (BA), management (MA) and technical degrees (interdisciplinary PhD), Locke is trilingual and holds California State Teaching Credentials in K-12 Multi-Subject Education, Music and Spanish.  He has taught English as a Second as an expatriate in Japan and Mexico, and visited more than 30 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America.