The Mystic Media Group’s global outreach programs are designed to inspire, inform and connect socially minded entrepreneurs and business owners around the world interested in leveraging the “Power of Blue” to grow their enterprise.

We are continually researching exciting new techniques and ways to deliver inspirational and informational products to a global audience of business owners interested in sustainable business development practices.  We publish our findings and share this information through our Academy Memberships, Corporate Consultations and Invitation Only Events.  The Academy is also in the early planning stages for the creation of  an online and physical collaborative workspace, state-of-the-art digital media production facility located on the California coast near Silicon Valley and more.

Joint Venture Opportunites:

Joint Venture opportunities with the Mystic Media Group are available to entrepreneurs from around the world who have an appropriate level of business experience and are in alignment with The Mystic Media group’s mission to contribute to the world through sustainable business development practices that enhance the lives of everyone on the planet.

JV partenrs includes regular access to a private community forum, discounts on our “Startup in a Weekend” and our week long “IMPACT 3 Kidz” and GAIA Accelerator Blue-Business development programs, plus many additional benefits.  Members also will have the opportunity to interact directly with our visionary founder, Dr. John G. Locke through a private “Ask The Founder” forum.

You may qualify for membership if you take a workshop from the Mystic Media Academy, by invitation from our founder, Dr. John G. Locke,  or if you request a personal interview and orientation session.

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Corporate Consultations:

Corporate Consultations are available to inspired entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference though the application of our C.A.R.E. program, and seek direct access to our visionary founder, Dr. John G. Locke. Dr. John Locke is a Visionary Zentreprenuer and expert in sustainable business development and digital media.  He is the Founder and Visionary CEO of The Mystic Media Group and has lectured or served on the faculties of some of the top universities in the world including the University of Southern California, John’s Hopkins University, University of Hawaii, Michigan State University, Stockholm University and International Technological University.

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Invitation Only Events:

Non-member entrepreneurs, VCs, or other business development professionals who are interested in in learning more about sustainable business development and contributing thir gifts to the world, but are not yet ready to act, particpate or make the changes in their business and personal lives necessary to manifest change have access to work with our founder through one or more of the following special events:

  • IMPACT 4  Kidz - Imagine Building a life you dream of - Inspired by the 48 Hour Film Project, the Mystic Media Group’s IMPACT 4  Kidz is dedicated to the global incubation of a new generation of Blue Businesses creators and to promoting their business ideas around the world.  Through this collaborative 48 hour event, the Program encourages international participants and would-be empire builders to connect, collaborate and  take their best shot at making an impact and a profit in as short a time as possible. 48 hours after kickoff, participants submit a preliminary problem to be solved, a preliminary product design, go to market research and positioning and present a pitch to launch a viable, sustainable business to Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and Impact Investors.  This awareness building event puts the focus squarely on future leaders — emphasizing creativity, collaboration, contribution, market innovation and sound business development principles and leveraging the “Power of Blue” to make a difference in the world we live in.    During the weekend, participans and their “business development” teams come together to co-create something special.  Guided by our founder and visionary and Impact Entrepreneur, Dr. John G. Locke each event completes initial phases of problem identification, market research, solution ideation, prototyping, go-to-market strategy, sustainability impact and revenue growth projections in just 48 hours.  While the time limit places an unusual restriction on the participants and their teams, it is also exhilarating, putting an emphasis on building a “true Blue” sustainable, profitable business, that could actually make a significant contribution to humanity, the planet or society at large.
  • GAIA Boot Camps - Step-by-Step support to help inspired business owners launch, scale and succeed a high impact venture.  Our week long impact-accelerator program is designed to nurture those companies supported by the GAIA Accelerator.
  • Live Infinite Possibilities™ Retreats – Mastering the inner game of success.  Success is not only about outer-game of developing and executing strategies, systems and tactics for growth, but most importantly how you play the inner-game, your passion, purpose and impact.  The Live Infinite Possibilities Retreats focus on developing a conscious mindset for the entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and contribution to the world.  For more information visit

You may qualify for participation if you are a member of The Mystic Media Academy, by invitation from our founder, Dr. John G. Locke,  or if you request a personal interview and orientation session.

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